old books


9 thoughts on “old books

  1. Thank u sir, for given to me sapramana jyotisham book. Please tell me where avail old astrology books, please send to me the adressor town.
    My cell no 9492901654, pl give missed call any information ,i am call to u.

  2. I want a tharakamrutha saram book this is very very old book pls tel me any information my number 9642552202 are send me a message sir.

  3. Dear sir we want the book of RUDRA MALA (old) please give the publishers and contact address and phone number

  4. Sir I want garga hora .kousika hora narada hora atrihora brihat prajapatyam .skandahora devasenahora .manu hora.vridavasishta hora.daksha hora. Marichi hora. Vyasahora. Angiras ho
    ra badarayana hora. Pulastya hora.pitamaha hora.bramha hora. Lomasahora.maya hora.maya hora.manita hora .jeevasarmahora.chevnahora agastya hora yavaneswara hora.rishiputra hora .asita hora devasena hora.briguhora.viswamitra hora .all horas sidandhantas samhida pls help me

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